Defence Technology Courses

Certified Courses on Defence Technology

Defence Research and Studies (DRaS) offers certified online crash courses specific to “Emerging Defence Technology” for engineers, engineering students and other aspirants around the year. Batch sizes must be decided by the colleges/universities/firms with DRaS before their students/ engineers are registered. Qualified veterans with adequate professional experience are conducting the sessions. These certified courses would facilitate aspirants to build their careers in the newly emerging ‘defence startup ecosystem’ in the country. Courses can be imparted to the dedicated batches of a College/University during their internship period/ semester break. Request for individuals to join these courses will be entertained as per availability of timeslot and minimum batch size.

Certified Courses Currently Offered

Course 1 – Artificial Intelligence for Defence Applications

Course 2 – Autonomous Platforms in Defence Applications

Mode of Conduct

Online using Video Conferencing (VC) platforms.

Time, Duration and Conduct

Total 10 Hours per course including evaluation. Sessions will be conducted during evening hours between 8 pm and 10 pm.

Batch Size

The batch size is limited between 15 and 20 (to ensure quality interaction). Colleges/Universities/Firms to finalise the batches and time slot with DRaS.

Training Contents

Powerpoint infographic presentations with animation and short videos.


Professional fees to be paid to the Resource Person is 4100/- INR per head per course. Fees may be deposited or transferred to the Resource Person/Veteran directly before the commencement of the course.

Resource Persons

All courses will be conducted by professionally qualified ‘Retired Officers’ of the Indian Armed Forces.


Candidates are to select a suitable research topic and submit a research paper (1500 words +) as an assignment on completion of the course. The submitted article/ paper will be evaluated for certification and the same will be mentioned in the certificate. If the paper/article is of top quality, it may be considered for publishing on the DRaS web platform.


Course completion certificate will be rendered by “Defence Research and Studies” in e-format on completion of the course and after the submission of the research article/ assignment.

Commencement of Course

Course will commence on a mutually agreed date for a set duration, without affecting the academic programs of aspirants.

Course Interest/Registration

Aspirants are to register their interest at the link below before the commencement of the course. They can also register once your College/University/Firm gives the go-ahead.


Currently, only Indian citizens are allowed to register for these courses. Engineering students or BE degree holders across all disciplines can opt for the courses. MCA and BSc (IT/CS) can also opt for the courses.

Postponement of Course

If the batch size is full, additional candidates may be allowed to attend the same course next time. The same may be conveyed to the College/University/Firm/candidates.

Help Line

Whatsapp/ Mobile +91 8075471585

E-Mail: [email protected]


100% attendance is needed for course completion and certification.

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