Dr C Raghu Nandanan MSc,DMM, PhD

Dr C Raghu Nandanan is a senior researcher in Biological/ Environmental Sciences and Biodiversity with 30 years of experience. He has received his Ph.D from Madras University in alternative medicines. He has done a Special Research Training Program from Allergy and Asthma Centre, Norfolk, Virginia, USA. He is Masters in Science/Botany from Annamalai University. Currently he is the Director of Adi Sankara Centre for Bio Research, Kalady involved in extensive research on Biological Sciences. He holds a post-doctoral research fellowship from the Vedic Herbal Research Centre, which is involved in extensive research on link between monsoon rainfall and Cassia fistula flowering. He is a professional in medical and pharmaceutical field. He was involved directly with many bio-diversity projects under central and state governments. He is currently guiding many research programs in Biological Sciences and has a great socio-political profile.