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Virus is a very primitive infectious agent that has no life, therefore it is not a living organism like bacteria or fungii. Ribo Nucleic Acid (RNA) virus is basically a protein molecule enveloped by a slimy ‘oil ‘ like liquid . It has no cell wall and the oily envelope dissolves in any alkali, like soap and the virus gets destroyed. The pH value (% of hydrogen) is 5 to 8.8. Water has 7 pH which is insufficient to obliterate a virus. A virus can withstand heat of 25°c to 32 ° c. Beyond this the heat will eliminate any virus. But then it is dangerous to human being because this protein cannot be digested in human body. So, they convert our body as it’s host.

It is the immune mechanism in human body that determines whether a virus can infect it or not. In a healthy body, the receptors of the immune army cells are loaded with antibodies and as such, no receptors are available for this virus to occupy (or get attached). When the immune mechanism is weak, many such receptors are empty and in such cases the virus gets quickly attached and thus the body gets infected. Since this act takes place in the lung cells, the patient’s breathing gets affected. The virus once “gets in‘’ the body, start multiplying rapidly at the cost of human host and in the absence of any known & effective cure, multiple organ failure occurs and patient dies.

This is the typical case of pandemic where of human being all over the world remain unhealthy with weak immunity. But then, what is strange with Covid 19 is that has caused so much deaths in recent times, that this virus strain is not natural, but it is a DESIGNED RNA virus by the human being in a laboratory! The culprits are the Chinese scientists and this is the first BIOLOGICAL WEAPON that the human race faced in this century. Thus, the Weapons of MASS Destruction is born. As a Biological Weapon, the Chinese Virus has already killed more than 5 lakh people all over the world till Jun 2020.

After my experimental Research in identifying and isolating herbal extract for disintegration of human kidney stones, as followed by Traditional Herbal Medicine Practitioners in 2009, I have had a lot of time in perusing scientific literatures and observing the performance of herbal medicine in many human patients. What has convinced me is that there are no incurable diseases in Ayurveda, Siddha and similar traditional meditations. Human beings have faced many serious viral epidemics and our ancient wisdom in our system of indigenous medicine prevailed over them successfully. While the modern allopathic system is continuously facing the problem of drug resistance (from microbes) and drug reactions to antibiotics. Our ancient system has never heard such anomaly. Human race has faced corona like viruses in the past with success.

India is an ancient country, known all over the world as a land of spices, gold, temples and snake charmers! The secret is visible here itself, but we never take anything seriously. The Europeans came to Kerala coast to trade with spices and other natural resources. I took a hint as a science student and started analysing the various spices and their known and unknown medicinal properties. Their major properties in almost all include, anti – inflammatory, anti-allergic, antibiotic, antiviral, antioxidants, purify blood, expectorant (exudes mucus and expels the infected flum) etc. Matching this with common symptoms observed in viral infected patients, there is the perfect match. The symptoms are chest congestion, breathing difficulty (less oxygen), sore throat, inability to cough out, general body weakness etc. Here I was reminded of my childhood where in my grandmother speaking of “Ginger Kaappi” (coffee of dry ginger and jaggery) and grandfather using “Ginger water” from morning to night!

And in those days the oven used to remain warm from dawn to dusk because charcoal would remain warm till night and the copper vessel/pot containing the Ginger water was available warm throughout the day. In April this year, I had the privilege of writing to the PMO a letter on my observations on the efficacy of Ginger, Pepper, Clove, Cumin, Ocimum (Thulsi) leaves, Nutmeg etc., in treating throat & lung infections and breathing difficulties related to viral attack. The symptoms are similar to those who are reported to be infected with Covid 19 and therefore an effective cure could be found from these spices. While this formula is effective as a preventive one, just as a vaccine, a higher concentration with few more herbs were also suggested for the treatment of viral infected patients. I had the fortune of submitting my suggestions to AYUSH and had requested to refer it to ICMR for authenticity. I am happy to find from the Health Ministry’s notifications that these suggestions on the effective use of spice’s formula seems to be accepted as authentic. I am aware that Ayurveda and Siddha systems have similar formulations with slight variations. However, these remedies are not highlighted anywhere in India because the Allopathic pharma lobby is very powerful and their hold on concerned officials in Government and private is unassailable. Even today they decide our policies! I am confident that through this media of DRaS, this ancient wisdom of Traditional Medicine will be fully revealed to the public.

To make a humble, but noble beginning I appeal to all men of the Defence Forces to believe this and start taking preventive measures by consuming boiled water with suggested spices, available easily, from now on. Let your family members also join in this, so that their immunity strength will be held high, so as to prevent any threat from any virus, bacteria or fungus in future. For a change, let us believe that this is our vaccination procedure without needle, pain or fear of reactions. Please remember that this is our single “oral vaccine” against many infections, including virus. We thus make sure that all of us remain healthy and disease – resistant.

There is one more scientific finding that has come up for recent scrutiny and acceptance. Scientists have revealed that the Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC) value inside the lungs is very high among the spices as given below.

SrSpiceORAC Value

Moreover, ingredients like coriander (seed and green leaf), black cumin seeds and Garlic , mostly included in our daily food dishes, also boost the immunity. Citric acid from Lemon and mangiferin from Mango also fall in this category. They appear to us as pickles in our daily life. Through this column of DRaS, I want to stress that as a student of science this is not a new invention or discovery. Our ancestors were more intelligent than us, so much so, they have solution or remedy for any problem or disease. I have only rediscovered it and presented it before you. It is for you to observe, analyse and accept the truth behind this and get convinced. Please stop getting flayed by the western concept or mindset in this regard. Vaccines (for each disease) belong to “costly, costlier & costliest” categories. But our “spicy vaccines” are most economical and well within the reach of every common man in India.

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By Dr C Raghu Nandanan MSc,DMM, PhD

Dr C Raghu Nandanan is a senior researcher in Biological/ Environmental Sciences and Biodiversity with 30 years of experience. He has received his Ph.D from Madras University in alternative medicines. He has done a Special Research Training Program from Allergy and Asthma Centre, Norfolk, Virginia, USA. He is Masters in Science/Botany from Annamalai University. Currently he is the Director of Adi Sankara Centre for Bio Research, Kalady involved in extensive research on Biological Sciences. He holds a post-doctoral research fellowship from the Vedic Herbal Research Centre, which is involved in extensive research on link between monsoon rainfall and Cassia fistula flowering. He is a professional in medical and pharmaceutical field. He was involved directly with many bio-diversity projects under central and state governments. He is currently guiding many research programs in Biological Sciences and has a great socio-political profile.

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