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Recently, in order to step up the fight against terrorism and violent extremism and increase the EU’s resistance to terrorist attacks, the Commission has presented a new Counter-Terrorism Agenda for the EU. The plan aims to assist the Member States in better predicting, preventing, defending, and reacting to the terrorist threat, building on the work carried out in recent years. Europol, the EU Agency for law enforcement cooperation, will provide stronger operational aid to Member States’ investigations under the updated mandate proposed in the meeting. 

The vice president of the European Commission said “Our best defence against the threat of terrorism is the inclusive and rights-based pillars of our Union. We are that the appeal of radical narratives by creating inclusive communities where everybody can find their position. The European way of life is not optional at the same time, and we must do everything in our power to avoid those who are trying to undo it. With today’s Anti-Terrorism Agenda, we are focused on investing in the resilience of our communities through tailored steps to help counter radicalization and protect our public spaces from attacks.’

Commissioner for Home Affairs, Ylva Johansson, said: “With their Counter-Terrorism Agenda, they are trying boosting experts’ ability to anticipate new threats, to help local communities to prevent radicalization, by giving cities the means to protect open public spaces through good design and ensuring responding quickly and more efficiently to attacks and attempted attacks. he also proposed to give Europol the modern means to support EU countries in their investigations.”

The recent surge of attacks on European soil has served as a clear reminder that terrorism remains a real and present threat. As this challenge emerges, so is the need for collaboration to address it.

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