DRaS Europe

We are akin to creating and nurturing the culture of research across Europe among the young generation. The researchers here are either based out of Europe or interested in the IR and Geopolitics specific to the European Continent.

Senior Research Associate

William Favre

William Favre is a graduate researcher from the Seoul National University where he carried out these studies of international relations.  Currently, he is validating his PhD in France.  His research topics focus on the Sino-Korean relationship and its challenges.  He specialises in IR Asia themes with a specific focus on the Korean peninsula, Japan, and China.  Adept in studying culture and society, he has published in journals such as Facts Asia and the Asia Times. He is the Director and Chief Executive Officer of the DRaS operations in Europe.

Research Associate

Noam Lounes

Noam Lounes is a student of International Business with a focus on Science Politics at ECSE, the leading school for international careers. He has been deeply involved in geopolitical concerns, by doing Model United Nations since my high school years and being part of CINUP. For CINUP, Lounes has written weekly articles about international relations since September 2022. He is also profoundly concerned about environmental issues such as climate change and the usage of natural resources. He aims to bring motivation and passion to the field of geopolitics to work towards a better understanding of the world.

Research Associate

Mrinalini Manda

Mrinalini Manda is pursuing her Bachelor’s in Economics and Political Science. She is passionate about understanding the intricate relationship between economic systems and political structures and how they impact society. She is actively engaged with Bookwallah, an NGO, focused on healing, empowering, and transforming children through the power of storytelling. She is a motivated disciplined leader, always looking to add value to everything she does. Her insatiable curiosity drives her to explore new opportunities and expand her skill set.

Research Associate

Hastha R

Hastha R is pursuing her graduation in economics and statistics. With an interest in Geopolitics, IR and military affairs, she has joined DRaS Europe. Having benefitted from the articles put out by the think tank, she intends to learn from senior researchers and writers and aspires to become a writer in the near future.