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Sunstroke is a life-threatening condition that occurs when your body temperature gets too high. It is an high emergency clinical condition with symptoms like red skin, headache, dizziness and confusion. Sunstroke is a high-emergency clinical condition cascading six prominent symptom groups with failed gravity and intramuscular routes of IM and intravenous (IV) administration, gut constriction and grave prognosis. 2% KCl + 5% NaCl +2% CaOH with diluted milk as vector is proposed as a solution.


There are no well-known therapies existing to counter the clinical condition of Sunstroke . One is wanted. In remote rural and concrete urban conglomerates, the nurse is often the first and the last lamp. A practiced hypothesis is discussed. In anthropomorphic (homeotherms), it is marked by a 6-step cascade:

  • Heightened fluid loss, constriction of gut’s cross-section, and stomach cramps;
  • Failure of food/drug, salt, iron, and mineral uptake (in the mid-gut), lymphatic drainage stoppage, low cardiac stroke volume, ectopic syndrome, and myalgia;
  • Headache and pallor;
  • Racing pulse, pseudo-hypertension, yet faltering hemodynamics – rapidly and consistently;
  • Pyrexia; and
  • Vertigo, unsteady steps, spastic limbs, blackout and fall.

A state of failure of innate homeothermic mechanism and tissue perfusion force, askew hemodynamics; e.g., very low BP and cardiac output, yet racing pulse [mimics left ventricular failure – as in heart attack]. Oral infusion of pills, intravenous infusion of plasma expanders, and ice pack application all fail – this is because the gravity route shuts down. Prognosis becomes ‘grave’. Fatality ensues.

Palliative Interventional Nursing

(x) 2%KCl + 5% NaCl + 2% CaOH be orally slowly fed as the sole internal medicine. Preferably dissolved in diluted dry-desert ruminant’s milk (1:4 v/v H2O and milk) be administered orally for rapid induced mechanical quenching.

(y) 2% KCl + 2% Ca(OH)2 be repeatedly applied gently on gums for rapid sublingual uptake (shortest route to heart and brain). Arm pit, neck, nape, and sweat gland regions be sponged with (x) for anti-myalgia and pro-tissue perfusion force rejuvenation; to stop titin protein breakdown.

SOS Emergency (Theoretical)

Intubation with endotracheal tube: Combination as in above (A) and/or (B) phosphate intramuscular injectables mixed in physiological saline @ 5 mg in 100 ml saline at 60 kg male calculated at 50 kg female and/or (C) Ringer’s solution and/or (D) Dexamethasone sodium phosphate sublingual (note*). Any combinations are case-specific. Combinations (A) and (B) be administered intravenous at the ‘back of the hand’ or at the ‘inside of the elbow’ and (essentially) the hand be raised vertically (with support) with the patient supine. This is to aid and abet better drainage due to additional induced gravity and avoid hematoma or edema at the injection site.

Functional Food

10 gm fried flour admixed with electrolytes and ions; 5% milk; 5gm dextrose; in 200 ml deionized cum de-mineralized water. Intubated swiftly once every 60-minute interval (3 times only).

Optional: Date’s juice or thin dilution ‘date porridge’ (in place of dextrose).

Discussion: Emergency palliative nursing is on the horizon. It leads to swift, safe, and effective clinical results. Nice for community nurses, family physicians,s and family welfare. Climate change mandates. A nice step forward toward nursing-assisted drug discovery with the economy.


In the status of sunstroke, the sole viable physiological fluid gradient is from mid-gut towards vital organs and peripheries. Sole option is by adopting such minor innovative nursing, a guts’ lumen regains volume and peristalsis. Nice for Akkermansia muciniphila. Grave prognosis gets thwarted. Nursing is the best known combat against sunstroke.


Phosphate and Ringer’s to be discounted (given least) in known cases of solid malignancy and in liquid cancers having solid metastasis (because post-recovery from sunstroke long-term contradictions are indicated from such therapy); whereas, the geriatric, malnourished, anemic, convalescing patients indicate excellent results from such therapy relevant for developing nations and for temperate dwellers travelling in hot-dry countries.

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Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed by the author do not necessarily reflect the views of the Government of India and Defence Research and Studies

By Dr Deepak Bhattacharya

Dr Deepak Bhattacharya, PhD with doctoral and postdoctoral inventions\ discoveries LAL invention for India. Worked with Red Cross. Guided\Headed many researches. NASA awarded in 2009. Already published 60 + multi-discipline groundbreaking papers. Poly-nation team leader. Free Lance. Intuitive. Vedic Vigyan specialist. Involved in drug discovery and nursing.