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Geo-strategic trends have nearly always impacted the national and corporate economics. Turbulent times more often than not, change the existing geo-strategic trends and lead to unexpected results, sometime turning earlier expectations on their head. Corporates too need to be nimble enough to react to the changes, for seeking the old, often relegates them to dinosaurs. The ongoing CoVid-19 pandemic has unleashed one such phase. A world struggling with reduced growths has effectively been pushed into a recession by circumstances affecting supply, demand and market simultaneously, a situation with no precedence. Global leaders are under suspicion of being unable or incompetent of looking after their populations and of fudging data. Whilst populations are struggling to keep body and spirit together, the blame game has begun and accusations & suspicions are rampant. Social media is making its own contribution by adding fuel to fire. The world will sooner or later get over this Pandemic – modern science will ensure that – but the economic realignment that it will cause, will have much larger repercussions than just recession. 

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By Col Akshaya Handa

Commissioned in the Parachute Regiment, the author has served in Sri Lanka, NE, Siachen and multiple tenures in the Kashmir valley. An alumnus of DSSC he commanded an RR unit in the valley and has earlier authored a book, a monograph and numerous articles. A seasoned writer on Geopolitics

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