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Since early 2020 the Indo-Pacific region comprising countries from West Coast of India in Indian Ocean Region to West Coast of the US in the Pacific Ocean, which is home to half of the world’s population and world GDP, and one-third flow of trade and energy, has been in chaos.

It started with the spread of Chinese origin pandemic Covid19, followed by Chinese leadership belligerence towards the country’s neighbours. Latter kind behaviour is nothing new in the case of communist regimes. They lie low when they are weak. The moment they get economic and military prowess, and at the time, compatible allies, they try to dominate their neighbours. And if the neighbours are successful democracies, then the scope of the threat is high. 

When the whole world is struggling to rescue from a dreaded pandemic, China launched border incursion into India and Nepal, opened border dispute with Bhutan, and saber-rattling with littoral countries of the East China Sea and the South China Sea including the sinking of their fishing boats apart from threatening invasion of democratic Taiwan (The Republic of China) claiming the island nation is a relegate territory of mainland China.

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