Captain Sunil Tyagi

Capt Sunil Tyagi, PhD was commissioned in the Engineering Branch of the Indian Navy in 1992. He has over fourteen years of experience in operations and maintenance of onboard marine machinery, about five years of teaching and about six years of submarine acoustic stealth design experience. He did his Masters in Marine engineering from Pune University. Later he completed his PhD from the Defence Institute of Advanced Technology, Pune. His interdisciplinary doctoral research was on artificial intelligence and mechanical engineering. The officer applied various global optimization techniques and emerging pattern recognition algorithms for the predictive maintenance of Gears and Ball-bearings. He has obtained one patent and has published eight papers in reputed international journals. His main areas of research interest are the practical application of machine learning algorithms. The officer is currently employed as a Senior Fellow at Centre for Air Power Studies and is working on a book project titled ‘Winning the Future War at Sea with AI’. He is a member of the Institute of Marine Engineers (India), Condition Monitoring Society of India and Soft Computing Research Society.